Simply go to our products page, scroll through the categories and add to the cart the products you would like to rent (you can check the price rate on ” Choose option” then add it to cart.  When you are finished shopping click checkout and you will be guided through our easy checkout process.  Feel free to call us anytime to ask any questions 087860585626. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

There is no minimum order  when booking with Bali Baby Concern.

We still accept last minute orders, even at night. just call to 087860585626

Yes our delivery driver will be install the carseat if required.

Yes. The person who delivers your equipment will also assemble the crib when they get there and then disassemble the crib when they return for the pick up. Clients are not allowed to assemble or disassemble cribs. If you will not be available at the drop off location when delivery is done please establish where the crib is to be built on your reservation form

Ordering as early as possible is the best way to make sure you will get what you need. As soon as you know your traveling dates go on line and book your equipment. Whenever traveling during holiday or summer months try booking several weeks ahead as those are the busiest times. During non holiday or summer months one to two weeks notice is sufficient. We will always try to accommodate last minute orders.

Yes, changes are simple, you can do it yourself.  When you first place your order you will be asked to create an account, this will allow you to login anytime to review and edit your order.  You may make changes to your order up until 24 hours prior to delivery.

Your rental begins on the day of delivery and ends on the last night of use.  The pick up day is not considered a day of use and will not be billed, unless special arrangements have been made to pick up at the end of the day

If you need your items picked up from a different location than they were dropped off at this can be easily done. The pick up area must be within the coverage zone and additional fees may apply depending on the location. This service is not available when renting full size cribs. Full size cribs must be assembled and disassembled by the delivery person and cannot be assembled or disassembled by the renter. If you need a crib transferred to a different location please designate that on your order form under the comments section. An additional fee will apply for any crib transfers. Please note that if no one is available at the location during your designated delivery or pick up time there will be an attempt to reschedule with an additional fee may apply

Yes we do drop off at the airport on your arrival, however service can be provided to car rental agencies either in or around major airports. With the exception of full size cribs, items can be delivered to you directly at the same time you are picking up your rental vehicle. Please provide your flight and car rental information on your reservation form along with an estimated time of arrival to the car rental agency. On some occasions the car rental agency can hold the equipment if you are running late and cannot meet the delivery person but this is the exception to the rule. Your flight info will be checked for delays but when possible call toll free 087860585626 with updates on late arrivals. Extra charges may apply in some areas for airport deliveries or time delays.

Delivery and pick up rates can range between $7 -$15 and are based on the distance traveled to your destination . All rates include delivery, pick up and any necessary assembly of equipment

We accept payment in cash on delivery at the moment

We do not have a store, our only location is on line.

We do not have a location to offer self pick up.  We are just a delivery service.

Long term rentals are available in most locations and apply on orders lasting more than 2 weeks. To check on rates please click on our long term rental form and we will email you a quote

Absolutely! All linens are laundered; cribs are wiped down with a safe cleaning solutions for both the wood and your baby. Other soft goods including play yards, car seat pads and harnesses are done following the manufacture guide lines.  Eating surfaces are scrubbed thoroughly. We use only mild soaps. All toys are cleaned and disinfected. Everything is inspected.

Unfortunately we cannot insure any rental equipment against damages, theft or loss. With the exception of high chairs it is highly recommended that no food or leaky bottles be given to children while using the equipment. Products must be returned in the condition received or a fee to be assessed at the time of return will apply to the credit card on file. The renter is responsible for loss or theft of rental equipment and agrees to pay for any replacements needed. Products must be returned with all accessories and parts intact and in proper working order. Any excess damage to rental equipment aside from normal wear will be repaired or replaced (depending on the condition) at the expense of the renter. Any additional fees resulting from loss, theft, repair or replacement will apply to the credit card on file.

We understand that travel plans can change. There is a $10 cancellation on orders cancelled on the delivery date.